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5 Interesting Art Related Careers to Consider


In the past, interest in art was considered a hobby, a leisurely activity in which one indulges and then move on to pursue what is considered an actual career. It was not expected to bring in money or be a major source of income or a means of livelihood. Those days are now far gone. Several careers in the art industry are not just simply part-time jobs. If you are interested in art and are looking to pursue a career in it, here are some career opportunities available for you in art.


Visual artist

An obvious art-related career is to be an actual artist. Several branches of visual artistry can be explored depending on one’s inclinations or preferences. One may be a sculptor, painter, textile designer, or art editor. The career opportunities available for visual artists are numerous. There are however other career opportunities in the art that do not involve being an actual artist.  



Art Curator

Art curators typically manage or oversee art museums or galleries. They are in charge of deciding the placement of art articles in galleries or museums and how they are perceived by viewers and observers. They are also experts at selling art pieces. Art curators are often very knowledgeable about art and are experts at interpreting art to observers and novices.


Art social media manager

The world has gone digital and nearly all businesses and brands use social media to create awareness about their existence and events too. So many museums, art galleries, and visual art creators have and need representation on social media. Only someone who has a decent amount of knowledge of art can make a good art social media manager. An art social media manager needs to be able to come up with creative captions for art pieces. Not everyone is a talented artist but if you’re interested in the arts,  


Art writer/journalist

Another art-related career is art writing. Art writers or journalists are writers who specialize in writing about art. They write news on art, analyze art pieces, interview art creators, and generally write about what is going on in the art world. Some writers critique artists and their art in their writings.


Art teacher

Many people are not just talented artists, they are also gifted at passing their knowledge on to others. If you’re a visual artist and are great at teaching too, you want to consider a career in teaching visual art. Whether you are teaching young children to create art or teaching art as a professor at a university, you get satisfaction in knowing that you are molding people who may become world-renowned artists in the future. You also get the chance to continuously renew your knowledge in the arts as an art educator.  





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