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5 Go-To Looks for Work-From-Home Comfort

Working from home is a new way of life. Thanks to many companies offering fully remoter or hybrid positions, those who have experienced its beauty and bliss don’t see themselves — proper work-life balance and no more morning commute — returning to the office anytime soon.


And when you can clock in for work as soon as you wake up and have no one but your dog to share your home office with, living in your sweatpants or pajamas all day can be understandably tempting. Although there’s nothing wrong with making comfort a priority, we can all agree that it doesn’t have to sacrifice style. 


If you’re missing the joy of dressing up for work or running out of ideas on what to wear for weekly virtual meetings, this one’s for you. In this article, we share five inspirations for work-from-home looks. 



1. The Classic White Button Down 

Photo by Vlada Karpovich

A white button-down shirt is a chic office classic that will never go out of style. It’s perfect for looking casual but polished for virtual meetings with colleagues and clients. It’s an effortlessly stylish work-from-home outfit for days when you’re in a slump and want to look and feel good and motivated to tackle deadlines.


The beauty of white button-downs is that they go well with everything. Pair them with leggings, shorts, or wide-leg linen trousers for maximum comfort. Got something planned after work? Put on your nicest denim jeans for quick drinks with friends or a floral skirt for date nights.


2. Pretty Relaxed Dresses

Photo by cottonbro studio

When you can’t muster the will and energy to come up with an impressive fashion combo but still want to look pretty and put together for online client meetings, relaxed dresses are your best bet. No need to change because you’re already in a cute outfit if you suddenly decide you can’t concentrate at home and need to move to the nearest coffee shop or co-working space.

Organize your closets properly, and curate outfits, making sure you hang comfy dresses in neutrals and happy, colorful prints where you can easily see them.

3. Sleek Silk or Linen Coordinates 

Photo by Anna Nekrashevich


Linen and silk fabrics are perfect if you want an effortless, low-maintenance work-from-home outfit that doesn’t compromise style. Coordinates are far from boring. There are countless timeless fashionable trends to choose from, such as:

• Monochrome colors

• Double plaids

• Top and shorts coordinates 

• Flattering top and ruffled skirt 

• Power suits for that ultimate girl-boss vibe

• Silky and flowy pajamas for luxe loungewear 

4. Cozy Knits and Hoodies 

Photo by Karolina Grabowska

Knit clothing and hoodies make sense for cold winter months or when the air conditioning is on full blast. They’re as comfy as a crewneck but don’t leave the impression that you just rolled out of bed or didn’t think much about how you present yourself professionally.


Always keep in mind that it doesn’t matter if it’s a camera-off kind of day; your choice of outfits can affect your comfort, confidence, and work productivity. So, forget about those itchy, stained, or discolored sweaters. Instead, invest in high-quality cardigans, sweaters, and knitwear made from natural fibers like cashmere and wool.


5. Indoor-Outdoor Shacket 

Photo by Anna Tarazevich

If you don’t have a blazer or feel silly wearing one at home, a shirt jacket, now more popularly known as a “shacket” can save the day. Keep one within reach of your desk for impromptu meetings where you want to look sharper, but you’re only wearing a shirt underneath. 




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