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5 Black-Owned Jewelry Brand You Should Add To Your Collection


Jewelry is used in many Black communities around the world not only as a fashion statement but also to display wealth, personality, taste, and artistic expression. It also provides a chance to display the exceptional creativeness of its designer. Black-owned jewelry brands offer beautiful jewelry that aims to preserve the black culture in both traditional and contemporary art in a time when many cultures are vying for attention. Black jewelers frequently produce works of art that draw inspiration from African history in an effort to challenge the existing quo.

Black-owned jewelry brands produce extraordinary pieces, maintaining conventional crafting methods, keeping up with jewelry fashions, souring genuine materials like fair-mined gold, and generating hundreds of thousands of jobs for the Black community.

The brands listed below are worth trying if you want to purchase Black-Owned Jewelry while also expanding your jewelry collection.



This is a Black-owned jewelry brand founded by Catherine Sarr. The elegantly-crafted pieces have been seen on celebrities. Almasika is a brand with varying traditional influences, yet manages to create timeless, effortless designs. The simplicity of its sculptural forms should indeed be praised.

Ten Wilde

Thick tube hoops from Ten Wilde

This brand was founded by Tenisha Wilde in 2016. Each of Ten Wilde’s accessories is designed with either plated, filled, or solid gold. The jewelry directly speaks to Wilde’s personal style and she describes her work as “a gem for every gem.” The company offers its customers options across all categories, from earrings to bracelets, anklets to waist chains, and even more. Their bestselling accessories include hoop earrings and chain necklaces.


Soko Jewelry