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4 Ways to Store Your Wigs to Make them Last Longer

While we all know that washing, conditioning, and air drying wigs on a regular basis is a smart way to keep them in good shape, we often overlook the importance of properly storing them. Putting your wig in a drawer and pulling it out anytime you want to wear it is easy, but it tends to limit the wig's lifespan, resulting in you paying more money to either treat it or buy a new one.

Here are four wig storage suggestions to help you get the most out of your wig.

Mannequin Heads - When you walk into a hair salon, you'll see that wigs are frequently stacked on top of mannequin heads. This is because mannequin heads are fantastic at keeping your wig intact, in shape, and in the finest possible condition. Mannequin heads are also ideal for DIY queens who prefer to acquire hair bundles and put their wigs together themselves. If you don't know where to seek for a mannequin head, you can make one out of recycled materials. The likes of newspapers, magazines, use books etc.