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4 Ladies talk through getting plastic surgery

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

It is no longer surprising that on a scale of 100, 75% amongst ladies are caught up in getting plastic surgery and the number increases by the day.

Social media has contributed to making ladies feel less satisfied with their body shape, look and lot more and celebs showing off work done and people pouting in chairs in before-and-after photos snaps when they get a reformation are no longer news.

Life is about choices really and if you decide to get work done, by all means, do what rocks your boat but make sure you carry out adequate research before making this particular life-changing decision. Some ladies share first-hand experience, regrets and opinions on plastic surgery. Here is what they had to say:

Rita 26

Getting my nose reshaped wasn't what I wanted all along, I have always been okay with my body and cared less about whatever anyone feels about it, but I began to get more conscious when I noticed I wasn't comfortable with my face and I felt embarrassed each time I met new people and they can't but stare at my nose, it got so bad I lost friends and even family members did not like being associated with it. It was the only option I had when I turned 23, and had enough money to get a surgery done on my nose. As at when I did it, I felt fulfilled, it was like a dream come true and for two years I flaunted my

reshaped nose unapologetically.

Beverly 21

I had friends with thicker and well structured body and I always had this odd feeling among them, guys would rather talk to my friends at every opportunity. I wonder how some people can be close to perfect with their body shape(well rounded boobs, the required hips and bum fitting the body) on the other hand I am here with what I don't like. My mom talked me through not having a surgery as she felt I wouldn't feel comfortable in it, I bet she did not know how bad I wanted to feel comfortable in my own skin and appreciate my body. It's been 6 amazing months with my new shape, and I am loving every bit of it, especially the attention it gets me from guys.

Medila 28

My dad told me the mark was from birth, but how could I have been left with such horrible birth mark. I believe my parents did me no good not making attempt to help get rid of such obvious and face spoiling mark. I grew up to seeing this black map on the left side of my face looking like a black mud paste. It disgust me every time I check the mirror, I sometimes wish I had my surgery earlier, I got bullied and was hated for a mark I did not put on my face. I had no friend in high school as no one wanted to be associated with me. I had to save up for 5 years to get a plastic surgery of which transformed me in ways I couldn't have imagined. Though it is quite tasking keeping up with my medications.

Victoria 32

It was just breast reduction but I am really grateful I did it, big breast na wahala, it was quite embarrassing for me having a full chest, men did not even make it easy for me; as their eyes is always fixed on them. I saw my surgeon and had an intense conversation with him,he told me not to worry and even gave me the assurance that Ladies who do breast reduction often get relief from disc or back pain. Ever since I did it, it's like I am wearing a new body, it has been all I wanted.



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