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3 ways To Balance Studio Life With Work, Social Life, and Recreation


Artists with a passion for their work rarely have a life outside it. Their lives revolve around the studio, creating better pieces, auditioning what they’ve created, and mostly being out there because of their work. Because how else do you want to become well-known without putting yourself out there? And this devotion to work only goes on to affect them in all other areas of their lives.

Are you an artist whose family complains they rarely see you? Your kids say they don’t have enough of you, or you feel you’re not where you should be in life because you place more emphasis on working than socializing and networking? How can you balance work and other aspects of your life as an artist?

Finding a balance can be tasking, especially if you’ve lived your life one way or if you’ve always used your art as an escape. The trials to see what works for you, the feeling of losing control of what you’ve always known, the jarring feeling that comes with leaving your comfort zone, and other things like that might make you hesitant to find a balance.

Ways to keep a balanced artist life are as follows:

  1. Face the fears that are keeping you handicapped