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3 Photographers Who Reject Society's Beauty Standards Through Imagery

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Yvesmark Chery, Photographed by Peter Devito

As civilization evolves, so are the beauty standards the media set for us. Everyone wants to look like the perfect model on Instagram or have a body like that of an Instagram influencer they've been following for years. Barely anyone sees the subtle manipulation these images are causing to our perception of beauty, and it has gotten so deep that we now compare ourselves with these photos we see online. 

These three photographers listed here: Peter Devito, Waleed Shah, and Miss Sophie Gee, have taken it upon themselves to challenge and reject society's beauty standards via photography. They take photographs of real people and places and do not attempt to manipulate these photos to fit into society's standard of beauty, and through this, they're getting more people to see that they are okay the way they are. People don't need thinner calves and longer legs to be beautiful. They certainly don't need smaller eyes and faces, too. 

Slowly, the world is getting to understand the amount of photo manipulation that goes into creating the perfect picture for Instagram. All these things construct what society now sees as "normal." Here are what Melotti, Shah, and Gee have to say about that:

Waleed Shah