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About Us

Prazzle is blended word culled from Prime Dazzle.

We are certified arts, fashion, and pop culture media company dedicated to expressing creatives' experiences and providing a platform for them to share their stories and thrive!

The company was officially established on May 28th, 2022. 

Through the publication of over periodical magazines, our digital art store, creative events, and online TV, we are able to achieve the core values of celebrating, inspiring, and connecting global talents.




As a media company, we understand the importance of exposure.

When no one notices or celebrates a talent, it begins to lose its zeal to live. It may take years to be noticed, but with the right platform, a star can be made overnight, and we believe that every hardworking young person deserves to be recognized.

Moreso, as a black-owned company, we aim to promote black culture through creativity and arts while putting out inspiring, educative and entertaining content.



To be one of the leading black-owned media company impacting the lives of global talents by giving them a platform to be seen and appreciated.

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